Hello World!

For a little more than a year, I've been messing around with the idea of building a personal website. Held back by indecision, I've distracted myself with various server configurations, running load balancers and reverse proxies on a single machine, to preempt the imginary hordes of requests that might take down my still-unspecified site. What little content I did serve was almost intentionally uninteresting, mostly a landing page disclaiming any commitment towards building the rest of my site, and a charming image of our late friend Clippy.

I've finally found the resolve to make something of my vanity domain and apparent willingness to type into a computer terminal for hours on end, despite reaching no one. Hopefully I'm able to keep up this motivation and maintain a blog, as an outlet for my prattle and pontifications. Maybe every once in a while I'll write something useful or worth reading; for now I just want to get into a habit of writing things down when I think aloud to myself, and making sure I can write regularly and presentably.

I've actually owned j-hui.com for quite a few years now, when it used to host my artist website from my days as a single-minded composer. But now that's no longer a professional aspiration for me, there's no longer a need to continue to pay for a Weebly site that frankly took the fun out of messing with systems and servers. My work (and abbreviated program notes) are still available on my artist Soundcloud page. Also feel free to check out my producer Soundcloud page, where I'll still occasionally post tracks of electronic music I'm producing under the artist moniker "Jwong".

For those of you interested, at this time of writing, I'm serving this site from a Digital Ocean VPS instance running Nginx (as well as the rest of the LEMP stack). I'm using it as a static caching server for this blog, generated by Pelican, as well as other digital content (like my public memestash). I'm also using Nginx as a reverse proxy to host other services like David Watkins's AskJae.com service. If for some reason the popularity of that babble generator disguised as an automated knowledge base, or any other part of this site, blows up, I can easily scale out to handle the traffic by leveraging Nginx's load balancing capabilities. But that hasn't happened, and when (read: if) it does I promise I'll write a more detailed post about it.