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I’m John Hui, a PhD student studying computer science at Columbia University. I am advised by Ronghui Gu.

I previously graduated from Columbia in 2018 with a BA in computer science and music, and again in 2019 with an MS in computer science.

You can reach me via email at .


My research interests include systems verification and programming languages. I am currently working with Jason Nieh on formally verifying the behavior of concurrent software running on relaxed memory hardware. I previously worked with Stephen Edwards on designing the Sparse Synchronous Model, a lightweight real-time programming model with deterministic concurrency.


  • Stephen A. Edwards and John Hui. The Sparse Synchronous Model. In Forum on Specification and Design Languages (FDL), Kiel, Germany, September 2020.


I’m passionate about teaching and computer science education. At Columbia, I’ve been a teaching assistant for the following classes:

I help develop and maintain Boatswain, a scrappy collection of course management scripts, used in Jae Woo Lee’s classes.


Once upon a time, I composed music for humans, but nowadays I primarily produce music for computers when I have time. I was also Music Director for my collegiate a cappella group, the Columbia Kingsmen. I’m interested in one day building programming languages for music production.


You’re reading a static website built using Hugo. I set it up with the intention of writing something once in a blue moon. Stay tuned.